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3D Bulletin Boards

Submitted by: Robin Drake


Two of my favorite 3D bulletin boards are as follows:

Homonyms:  Fall/Fall      I used some of my son's (size 8 or 10) jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, socks, baseball cap and out of stuffed nylons formed a head and arms to position a  boy falling into leaves.  I had to use the strong long push pins to get the tennis shoes to stay on and stapled the rest of the costume.  The kids seemed to like the idea of real clothes on the board.

I also used this idea with an outline of my son when he was about 8 or 9 and made against a light blue background a kid with "jamming" vibrant swim trunks jumping off a diving board (plain brown paper) into a huge open book with the title "Dive into a good book" or something close "Dive right in! The reading is great!"

The other 3D is a reading bulletin board copied from a bookmark (an excellent source of ideas).  I bring in a branch abut 2-3 feet tall with several small twigs on it.  Using a blue background for sky position the branch so that the twigs won't hit anyone at eye level.  I had to use bend long strong staight pins under the branches to make them.  Make a nest in the twigs with easter grass.  Have a stuffed bird ( I used Woodstock from Peanuts) using push pins reading a paperback (using staples and rubber band) floating above and away from the nest.  The title I use is "Reading is Very Uplifting".