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Air Miles Reading Project

Submitted by: Jennifer de Rocquigny

This was a really motivating reading project that I used in February to go along with "I love to read" month.

Students were told to pick a destination on the map and figure out the number of miles they would have to travel from our town to their destination. 1 page of reading = 1 mile travelled

They had to keep a reading log that included the book title, author, pages, and comments. They kept this in a manilla tag suitcase that they made.

Some students were very creative, they added handles, luggage tags and bumper stickers.

Final project:

 Students had to choose 4 projects from a list of 10 (eg. a character's diary entry, a wanted poster of the main character, create a new book jacket, a book review, etc...)which were then assigned a final mark.

I had so many compliments from parents on this one. They could not believe that their son/daughter was so interested in reading.

I might include a short research project next year that would include information about their destination. They might have to make a travel brochure. This would be a good way to tie in technology.