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An In-Depth Look at ...

(name of book)


Submitted by: Katie Houvener 

Divide the class into as many groups as there are chapters in the book.  Assign each group a chapter and ask them to discuss the main idea in the chapter.

Next each group constructs a shadow box that features the characters acting out the main event from that chapter.  Each group should use a shoe box or shirt box to illustrate the setting using construction materials and other craft materials to create the main event.  They can even decorate the outside part of their box as well.

Also each group should write a summary of the chapter and a description of the event on a large index card.  Hang the card below the finished box.

Hang the shadow boxes in chronological order across the bulletin board (ex. Chapter 1..Chapter 2...Chapter 3....Chapter 4... Title the bulletin board "An In-Depth Look at ........(name of book))