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Answerless Questions

Submitted by: Bob Leslie


(Taken from the book Write Now! - by Anne Wescott Dodd – book is out of print)


Directions:  Answer each question.  Give a reason for your answer.

Example:  What color is surprise?  Yellow, because it happens so suddenly.


1.      What is colder, an iceberg or fear?

2.      Which is itchier, a wool sweater or curiosity?

3.      Which is softer, a kiss or cotton?

4.      What shape is life?

5.      What color is noise?

6.      Which is warmer, love or the sun?

7.      Which is more sour, a lemon or defeat?

8.      Which is happier, sunrise or sunset?

9.      What color is winning?

10.     Which is slower, K or Z?


   Now make up ten questions like the ones above.  If it is possible to do so, ask one of your classmates to answer your questions.  At the same time you can be working on your classmate’s questions.