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Back To School


Submitted by: Jennie Rush

I saw this in Mailbox and plan to use it this year. The caption is....A Toadally Awesome Class....... I will use a toad pattern and make one with a nametag for each child in my class.

Submitted by: Donna Ellis

I plan to use an idea I've used the past two years-it's one I got from Connection. Using an overhead projector, I enlarged the letters P A W S and traced them on jungle animal print wrapping paper. The rest of the letters are smaller, but still of the jungle print paper.

When finished it says P ositively A wesome W onderful S tudents. I have a lot of stuffed animals around, and when stamping the kids' planners I use animal paw print rubber stamps. Last year we were known as the Jungle Room.

Submitted by: Jane

One idea I like-I laminated color oaktag cards with hello in as many languages as I can find and post them on the bulletin board outside my room. I label each with the appropriate country.