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Submitted by Laura Chandler

A Bio-poem is a form of poetry using a prescribed or structured format. Although it follows a “formula”, this form still allows for creativity on the part of the writer.

On each line of your poem provide only the information requested for that line.  For lines 4 through 9, you should begin the line with the underlined words given; you supply the information in the parentheses. You may complete the line with single words or with phrases.  Your object is to show the depth of your understanding about the character.


Line 1 --  First Name

Line 2 --  Title given to the character

Line 2 -- Four words which describe the character

Line 4 -- Lover of (three items, objects or ideas)

Line 5 -- Who believes (one idea or concept)

Line 6 -- Who wants (three things)

Line 7 -- Who uses (three things)

Line 8-- Who gives (three things)

Line 9-- Who says (a direct quote)

Line 10 -- Last name or synonymous descriptor





Strong, caring, dedicated, curious

Lover of her children, learning, and her students

Who believes all children can learn

Who wants a safe world for her children, her students to love to learn, and to have  more time to write

Who uses her education, her experience, and the support of her family

Who gives her leadership to her students, her tenderness to her children, and her love of reading to her students

Who says, “ A good book opens the door into another world.”