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Book project

Submitted by: Paula Mclean

I require my students to do a Book Project each quarter for a book that they are reading at home. They are given a planning sheet where they provide the usual information about the book (title, author, type) and then they explain to me in detail what their project will be. It can be anything that they come up with (gameboard, puzzle, craft idea, diorama, poster, etc). When they present it to the class they are also required to have a written summary of the book to read outloud.

I also give them a quarter calendar that they will plot out their activities (when they'll read the book, finish, gather their materials, and work on the project with a projected finish date). I make a copy for me and then we review it periodically throughout the quarter, thereby helping any students who have fallen behind in revising their schedule. Parents and student sign it so everyone know what's expected.

Students gain valuable practice in time management skills and they get a choice in projects. The 4th quarter book project is usually a dramatic reading from their book. they choose about 2 pages to read that demonstrate strong character or emotion and read it in front of class. Some of my best dramatic readings come from the shyest children. These provide memorable moments to share.