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Book Report - Native Americans

Submitted by: Karen Ehman

Since 5th graders study Native Americans and need practice reading non-fiction material, I try to have at least one group read a book that includes Native Americans in a prominent way.

Finding books can be tricky and I usually end up letting them pick biographies or historical fiction. But, I've had some wonderful reports along the way. Here are the directions I give to the students.

Of course you'll want to change the dates, etc. to fit your situation.

Native American Book Review Directions Name___________

Here are the directions for this monthís book review. This will be a homework assignment. You may do the reading for home reading. The written assignment is also a homework assignment.

1. Choose a book that is about Native Americans. It may be a non-fiction book about an individual chief, a tribe or group of Native Americans like the Sioux or Polynesians. Or it may be a fiction book such as one by Scott OíDell that has Native American(s) as the main character(s).

2. 100 pages is the minimum.

3. Read at least one chapter before you sign up on the commitment sheet by October 15. Once you have committed to read the book, no mind changes allowed!

4. Read the book carefully!

5. Write a rough draft book review based on this assignment You have been invited to join this individual or the tribe for a day (or a week). How would that day be spent? Use what you learned from the book to give some examples of the person's daily "schedule" or routine. You may add creative details, but be sure they arenít too zany.

We want your detailed report to be somewhat realistic so we can learn about your clan or tribe.

6. How long must it be? Rough draft should be about 2 pages.

7. Read your rough draft aloud to someone at home to be sure it sounds complete and makes sense. You may request help with proofreading, too.

8. Prepare a final copy. You may use ink or your own cursive writing - one side of binder paper only. Or, you may type it on the computer--12 or 14 point easy-to-read font, 1.5 spacing between lines--and spell check.

9. Read your final draft aloud to someone at home to be sure you didnít leave out words or punctuation.

10. Turn in your report on time by October 30. (Earlier is OK)