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Book Report One

Submitted by: Avis Breding

Comes from the CL book by Johnson and Johson

Needed.. a spinner up to 12 with these statements written on the spinner. Chart....below


6 rows across 9-10 down

Down put these titles



Book Title



Publication Date

Number of pages

Question Number Answered


Spinner statements on Novels

1) Identify the problem in your book

2) What goal would you like to reach if you had the same problem as the main character?

3) What was the resolution of the problem?

4) Is the publication date the same as the setting in the plot? How would it change if it were written in a different time?

5) Is the location of this story the only place it would occur? Why or why not?

6) Is everything in the story believable? Does it need to be?

7) Is any person in the story someone you would choose for a friend? Why or why not?

8) What are the characteristics of the least likable character? Why you you see this character as the least likable?

9) Explain or illustrate your favorite scene in the story.

10) Why do you think the author wrote this book?

11) If you could change the ending.. what would you do?

12) Which character in the story reminds you most of yourself? Why? You could make up your own statements for the spinner. They also have one for nonfiction and poetry. What I would do after scoping this... is to create the wheel so it could be used before the book is they could work on it during the time they are reading the selection.

Rules ;-)

1) Book should be teacher approved

2) This was set up for Lit Circles...but could be used otherwise.

3) They mentioned groups of 3, Reporter, Scribe and Encourager

4) Reporter spins the spinner, scribe records each persons answer on a sheet. Group discusses and comes up with the final answer and writes it on the Roulette Sheet.

5) Groups could turn in the sheet when completed, or you could conference one a week on their repsonses!