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Classroom Jobs

What sorts of jobs can we give our students?

Submitted by: Jennie Rush

Messenger, eraser, line leader, back line captain (or caboose), lunch helper, soap monitors (one for girls and one for boys), computer helper, door helper (this person is the one who answers when someone knocks on our door), bookshelf helpers (straighten books and keep AR books together), paper helper (passes out papers).

Submitted by: Crista Vogt

Attendance taker, messenger, papers (2 kids) for handing out notices, etc., plants, bookshelves/sink monitor and boards (2 kids).

Submitted by: Vanessa Osbourne

Pencil Sharpener
Attendance - takes attendance folder to office
Door Holder - holds doors open for the class
Bathroom Monitors - checks to see if there is a mess before we go in, reports any malfunctions
PE Equipment - carries out balls, cones, first aid kit, etc. for recess
Lunch Count - takes lunch count to cafeteria every morning
Table Washers - washes tables after lunch
Overhead Technician - sets up overhead, pulls down screen, cleans transparencies
Librarian - straightens book tubs
Computer Monitor - turns on computers every morning and gets them set up
Mail Carrier - checks my mail box every day after lunch
Garbage Collector - sets garbage cans in hall at end of day
I have also had kids do the dusting, sweeping, putting chairs up, feeding animals, watering plants and stowing informal seating away.

Submitted by: Nancy Lefebure

Zoo Keepers (2)
Attendance Keeper
Library Assistant
Boards & Brushes
Book & Paper Passer (2)
Computer Assistant (2)
News Assistant
Teacher's Assistant
Shelf Elf
Pizza Passer
Neat & Tidy Keeper
Equipment Manager


I have 4 classroom jobs that rotate on a bi-weekly basis:  Courier, Paper
Manager, Chalkboard Tech, and Line/Door Managers (2 people).  The kids sign
up at the beginning of each semester.  Everyone must sign up for something. 
If you don't get your first pick for the first semester, you sign up first
the second semester.  I don't pay them anything.  I also alphabetically
assign 5 students bi-weekly to cafeteria duty (stacking trays, sweeping,
cleaning tables).  The cafeteria duty is mandatory in our school and I find
if I wait for volunteers, I either get none or it's only the people who like
to fool around for 10 min. after the class has left (and still don't do the

Submitted by Tammy in TN



I have an absentee monitor and it is popular in the winter when there are more absences.  In the beginning of the school year it is generally a dead job.
I do not have too many jobs.  I have a messenger, blackboard monitor, writer of date, "giver outer", librarian, bulletin boards (2) ....... Eek, I cannot remember what else.  I believe there are two or three more.  I have to check my files.
Each month, on the first day (we are in school) we change.  No one can have a second job until everyone in the class as had a chance.  The second job one gets has to be a different one although I do not state this.  Last year, I had one boy who was organized and artistic and if I gave him the materials for a bulletin board, he produced a masterpiece. I made an exception there.  It made my life a lot easier.
Submitted by Carol