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Color Associations

Submitted by: Bob Leslie


(Taken from the book Write Now! - by Anne Wescott Dodd book is out of print)


What colors do you see when you think of each of the following?  Why?


       Each day of the week

       Your school

        Your family

        Your best friend


Now reverse your thinking.  What do the following colors make you think of?  Perhaps some of the colors will remind you of abstract ideas such as happiness or sadness.  Perhaps others will remind you of concrete objects.  Make your ideas original.  Nearly everyone associates red with danger, and it is really rather easy to say that yellow makes one think of a canary.



List at least four really fresh ideas for each color.

1.      red

2.      blue

3.      yellow

4.      green

5.      white

6.      black

7.      brown

8.      orange

9.      pink