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Concrete Poetry


Submitted by: Esther McTague  

After sharing/reading handouts on concrete (shape) and pattern poetry, I assign each student (I have 4 classes of 6th graders) to construct a concrete poem. They may be written on paper, but I encourage them to use a 3-D approach and use a familiar object, preferable one with a particular personal meaning, and actually attach the words of the poem to/write the words on the object. This has resulted in some very creative ideas.

We've seen words within an outline of a foot, attached to a tap shoe; words going around the circumference of three softballs hanging from the inside of a rectangular cardboard carton ( w/ construction paper to look like a ballfield); a model spaceship hanging from a mobile with words streaming behind as a contrail, etc.

The students enjoy working on them, and try to make them come out "just right". For those who choose to write their poem on paper, the use of color is a must. I usually do this activity in conjunction with the Spring Concert/Art Show and display the finished products.