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Educational Ideas from 5-6 Connection
Journal Prompts

Ideas for getting them started

Avis Breding

One of the ideas that my students have enjoyed.. is the *Journal Tree* that came from Angie. She does hers a little a different..but they work the same. My students this year commented on how well they liked it.

I found the shape of the a tree (without the leaves) just the branches at our teacher store. It fills up one of my panel boards ...and I never take it down! It probably reaches over 5' since I cannot reach the top... quite!

At the teacher store I purchased these shapes which have ideas written on the back of the shapes for Journal writing. My requirement is they have to write at least 8 lines about the prompt.

I have red apples (for fall) snowflakes (for winter) suns (for spring) and if I run short.. I add another shape! I also have leaves. But the leaves hold a class reward and are only chosen if we have had a super day... Really super!!

Here are some prompts that went well last year.. some were created by my class, some came from Connection and others from my diabodical mind!

1) Some neat changes for our school would be.........
2) What is your favorite thrill in your life.....
3) What was your favorite vacation?
4) Who is your favorite relative and why?
5) Write about your best friend and what h/she is like.
6) The best day ever was when........
7) What is the favorite movie you have seen and what did you like about it?
8) What is your favorite thing to do in Spring?
9) What is your favorite holiday and why?
10) What is the favorite thing you did on New Years Eve?
11)The best birthday I ever had was when.......
12)What is your favorite sport or hobby?
13) What is your favorite pet?
14) The best school year I ever had was.......
15) What is the favorite thing you like to do in the summer?
16) What is your favorite subject and why?
17) Who was your favorite teacher and why?
18) What do you like to do when you are alone?
19) What makes you a good friend?
20) What is your very first memory?
21) Tell about a time you helped someone else.
22) A miserable feeling is when....
23) My room...........
24) What is the nicest thing any one ever said about you?
25) Describe your favorite hiding place and tell why you like it.

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