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Crazy CLUE-Libs


Submitted by: Wanda Day   

 CLUE (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment) is a program for academically talented and gifted students in the Memphis City Schools.

My 5th and 6th grade CLUE students create stories for their version of the MAD-LIBS game: Crazy CLUE-Libs. In the two stories included in this activity, some words are left out: It's Just a Nightmare; Rock Band. For each story, fill in the blanks with the words called for.


When I challenge my students to create original Crazy CLUE-Libs, I have them use the following as guidelines:


  1) Directions for Crazy CLUE-Libs

  2) Review of parts of speech

  3) Sample Crazy CLUE-Libs created by CLUE students.


1) Directions for Crazy CLUE-Libs:

You can play Crazy CLUE-Libs by yourself or with friends. If you play the game by yourself, fill in the blanks in the Crazy CLUE-Libs List for each story BEFORE you look at the story. Then, using the words you've selected, fill in the blank spaces in the story. Read the completed Crazy CLUE-Libs game, and you will hear a story that is funny, silly, phantasmagoric, or just plain dumb - depending upon which words you write in the blanks. Enjoy Crazy CLUE-Libs!


2) Here's a quick review of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and exclamations.


  1. A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. A noun that names  only one person, place, or thing is called a singular noun (sister, zoo, bread, nose, and book are singular nouns). A noun that names more than one is called a plural noun (apples, pencils, children, trees, and puppies are plural nouns).


  2. An adjective describes a noun. An adjective can tell what kind or how many (green, messy, short, five, and happy are adjectives).


  3. A verb is a word that can show action.

A present tense verb shows action that is happening now (Children play during recess).

A past tense verb shows action that has already happened (Yesterday the children played during recess).

A future tense verb shows actions that will happen (Tomorrow the children will play during recess).


  4. An adverb is a word that describes a verb. An adverb can tell how something is done. An adverb often ends in -ly (quickly,carefully, and quietly are adverbs).


  5. An exclamation can be a word, a phrase, or a sentence that shows  strong feeling. An exclamation may be your favorite saying (Wow! - Way to go! - Groovy, Dude! - We won the game!).


  3) Sample Crazy CLUE-Libs created by CLUE students:





  Crazy CLUE-Libs List: It's Just a Nightmare


  1. ---------------------------------adjective

  2. ---------------------------------person

  3. ---------------------------------person

  4. ---------------------------------verb ending with -ing

  5. ---------------------------------game

  6. ---------------------------------plural noun

  7. ---------------------------------exclamation

  8. ---------------------------------make of car

  9. ---------------------------------number higher than 1

  10. ---------------------------------building

  11. ---------------------------------famous person

  12. ---------------------------------food (plural)

  13. ---------------------------------favorite expression



  Crazy CLUE-Libs Story: It's Just a Nightmare


  One 1.------------- night, 2.------------- and 3.------------- were

  4. ------------- in the cemetery. They started to play 5.--------------.

  All of a sudden, a mummy popped out of the 6. -------------.

  It started to scream,7.-------------. Scared to death, 2.-------------

  and 3.------------- jumped into their 8.------------- as the clock

  struck 9.-----------. When 2.------------- and 3.-------------got to

  their 10.------------- they saw 11.------------- eating 12.-------------.

  They said, 13.-------------! 2.------------- then woke up and asked

  where's 3.-------------and 11. -------------?


  by Maggie Butts and Erin Crenshaw

  Wanda Day's 5th grade CLUE students

  Grahamwood Elementary

  Memphis, Tennessee USA




  Crazy CLUE-Libs List: Rock Band


  1. --------------------made up name (plural)

  2. --------------------made up name (singular)

  3. --------------------vegetable (singular)

  4. --------------------fruit (singular)

  5. --------------------kind of candy (singular)

  6. --------------------number over 15 million

  7. --------------------number over 1 million

  8. --------------------number below 365

  9. --------------------number under 10

  10. --------------------exclamation

  11. --------------------made up name (singular)

  12. --------------------adjective


  Crazy CLUE-Libs Story: Rock Band


  One day the 1.--------------------, a rock group, was performing on      the planet of 2. --------------------. It was going to be their raddest concert. The guitarist's name was 3. --------------------. The drummer's name was 4. --------------------. The keyboardist's name was 5.--------------------. The tickets cost about 6. -------------------- dollars. This was a good price considering it was the only concert on a different planet. It also included the rocket ride for traveling over 7.-------------------- miles. The rocket ride would also last for 8.-------------------- days. Finally the day of the concert came, and there were a whopping 9. -------------------- people there!! It was the record for the most people at a concert in space. It was the first concert in space, too. Everyone said: 10. -------------------- ! They couldn't believe so many people attended such an expensive concert.

Plans are being made for another concert on the planet 11. -------------------- .

Be there, or be 12. -------------------- !


by Steven Curle and Brett Faulkner

  Wanda Day's 5th grade CLUE students

  Grahamwood Elementary

  Memphis, Tennessee USA