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Everyday Sounds

Submitted by: Sara Lindsey

This is an old faithful activity to encourage students to really listen. It takes a while for the teacher to prepare, but once it's done, it's done for years!

You will need a portable tape player and cassette tape. Spend a few days going around the home recording various everyday sounds. Suggestions are:

doorbell, person knocking at the door, toilet flushing, microwave beeping, clock ticking, alarm going off, running the bath, running a shower, shaving, blowing a nose, fat sizzling in a pan, water boiling in a pot, light switch being turned on or off, computer shutting down, telephone ringing, theme music to the news, car pulling in to the garage, door shutting, lock turning, tap dripping, baby crying, mouse clicking, dishes being washed, toaster popping.

Make sure you number them.

Students must sit quietly and listen to the sounds. Play the tape and let them write down what they think the sounds are.

*It can add value to the exercise if you announce several days beforehand what you are going to do so that they can listen around home.

*You could also make two tapes, somewhat like a pre- and post-test. Play one then tell the students you will play another tape in a few days. See if they improve.

*This could also be an activity for particular groups. E.g. a TAG group could be given this as an early finishing activity (sounds around the school), or as a homework project.