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Submitted by: Bob Leslie


(Taken from the book Write Now! - by Anne Wescott Dodd – book is out of print)


Many times people exaggerate to make a point.  Do you remember telling your friends that you “stayed up all night studying for the test”?  Or have you heard a girl say, “When we broke up, I cried for weeks”?

Write a statement about each of the following subjects in which you exaggerate to make a point.  The subject areas are broad.  You may wish to narrow them down in making your statements.

Example:  His heart warmed the entire world.


1.      weather

2.      hunger

3.      a basketball game

4.      an injury

5.      an empty house

6.      the United States

7.      an animal

8.      a color

9.      the size or weight of something

10.     a crowded train


This kind of exaggeration is a literary device called hyperbole.  It is used in both poetry and prose.  Of course, these statements should not be taken literally; they are “larger than life” in order to make a point.  Sometimes hyperbole is used along with a simile or metaphor to make a comparison.  Example:  He is as friendly as a candidate for office.