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Fairy Tales and Point of View

Submitted by: Tina Wyatt

1. Get your hands on a copy of one of the "Another Point of View" Books. One author who retells some fairy tales is Dr. Alvin Granowsky. I purchased my copies from

2. Read the "classic" version of the fairy tale.

3. Have students write about a time when they had an altercation or disagreement with another person.

4. Now, read the alternate story in the book. The alternate for "Jack and the Beanstalk" is entitled "Giants Have Feelings, Too."

5. In light of this alternate point of view, have students rewrite the tale of their own disagreement using the point of view of the person with whom they disagreed.

This not only illustrates the principle of alternate point of view, but perhaps will help students have empathy for another person's point of view in a personal situation.