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Following Directions 10


This may be very old hat and corny (and presumptuous considering where I'm from), but I remember when I was in Disneyland many years ago one of the presenters warmed up the crowd by asking them the nicknames of all the states. I made this one up so your students would not be embarrassed when they visit Disneyland. But has something changed? I used to think Montana was called the Big Sky state.

Method: Teacher shuffles the cards and takes any one. The remainder are distributed amongst the class. Teacher reads the SECOND part of his/her card (and hopes to hell s/he knows the nickname of the state in the first half). If I have this figured right, the game should end when someone asks the nickname of the state on the first part of the teacher's card. But don't bet on it because I haven't had the opportunity to trial it.

1. I have Alabama. Who has the Land of the midnight sun?

2. I have Alaska. Who has the Grand Canyon state? 3. I have Arizona. Who has the Land of opportunity? 4. I have Arkansas. Who has the Golden State?

5. I have California. Who has the Centennial state?

6. I have Colorado. Who has the Nutmeg State?

7. I have Connecticut. Who has the First State?

8. I have Delaware. Who has the Sunshine State?

9. I have Florida. Who has the Peach State?

10. I have Georgia. Who has the Aloha State?

11. I have Hawaii. Who has the Gem State?

12. I have Idaho. Who has the Prairie State?

13. I have Illinois. Who has the Hoosier State?

14. I have Indiana. Who has the Hawkeye State?

15. I have Iowa. Who has the Sunflower State?

16. I have Kansas. Who has the Bluegrass State?

17. I have Kentucky. Who has the Pelican State?

18. I have Louisiana. Who has the Pine Tree State?

19. I have Maine. Who has the Old Line State?

20. I have Maryland. Who has the Bay State?

21. I have Massachusetts. Who has the Wolverine State?

22. I have Michigan. Who has the Gopher State?

23. I have Minnesota. Who has the Magnolia State?

24. I have Mississippi. Who has the Show Me State?

25. I have Missouri. Who has the Treasure State?

26. I have Montana. Who has the Cornhusker State?

27. I have Nebraska. Who has the Silver State?

28. I have Nevada. Who has the Granite State?

29. I have New Hampshire. Who has the Garden State?

30. I have New Jersey. Who has the Land of Enchantment?

31. I have New Mexico. Who has the Empire State?

32. I have New York. Who has the Tar Heel State?

33. I have North Carolina. Who has the Peace Garden State?

34. I have North Dakota. Who has the Buckeye State?

35. I have Ohio. Who has the Sooner State?

36. I have Oklahoma. Who has the Beaver State?

37. I have Oregon. Who has the Keystone State?

38. I have Pennsylvania? Who has the Ocean State?

39. I have Rhode Island. Who has the Palmetto State?

40. I have South Carolina. Who has the Mount Rushmore State?

41. I have South Dakota. Who has the Volunteer State?

42. I have Tennessee. Who has the Lone Star State?

43. I have Texas. Who has the Beehive State?

44. I have Utah. Who has the Green Mountain State?

45. I have Vermont. Who has the Old Dominion?

46. I have Virginia. Who has the Evergreen State?

47. I have Washington. Who has the Mountain State?

48. I have West Virginia. Who has the Badger State?

49. I have Wisconsin. Who has the Equality State?

50. I have Wyoming. Who has the Camellia state?