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Following Directions 11


1. When the teacher says who is first, say, " Me, me, me!

2. When someone says, me, me, me, sit in the teacher's chair.

3. When someone sits in the teacher's chair, stand by the door.

4. When someone stands by the door, sing the first two lines of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

5. When someone sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, say,"You're singing >off key!"

6. When someone says, "You're singing off key", say today's date.

7. When someone says today's date, say, "I love school".

8. When someone says, "I love school", go to the board and write, "This is fun".

9. When someone writes, "This is fun", say "No it isn't. I would rather be taking a test".

10. When someone says they would rather be taking a test, throw a piece of paper in the trash.

11. When someone throws a piece of paper in the trash, jump up and down three times.

12. When someone jumps up and down three times, wave to the teacher.

13. When someone waves to the teacher, say, " Quit being a teacher's pet."

14. When someone says, "Quit being a teacher's pet, say, "Can we have a pet?"

15. When someone says, "Can we have a pet?" meow like a cat.

16. When someone meows, bark like a dog.

17. When someone barks like a dog, oink like a pig.

18. When someone oinks like a pig, say, "Is this a farm?'

19. When someone says, "Is this a farm?" skip around the room.

20. When someone skips around the room, write, "It is" on the board.

21. When someone writes "it is" on the board, say your full name.

22. When some one says his name, hit your desk with both hands ten >times.

23. When someone hits their desk, draw a smiley face on the board.

24. When someone draws a smiley face on the board, say, "It's Picasso" .

25. When someone says, "It's Picasso", pretend to skip rope.

26. When someone pretends to skip rope, write the words "not over yet" after "it is".

27. When someone writes the word "not over yet", tell your teacher she is your favorite teacher.

28. When someone tells your teacher she is his favorite, take a book from a shelf.

29. When someone takes a book from a shelf, erase the words "not and yet.

30. When someone erases the words "not and yet", read what is left.