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Following Directions 14


Submitted by: Suann

My class helped with the directions. They really enjoyed making them up. I did have to remind them not to get too silly. There is a little bit of everything in this set. We may even make up some more.

1. When someone says 'good morning', clap your hands three times.

2. When someone claps his or her hands three times, oink like a pig 5 times.

3. When someone oinks like a pig, stand on one foot for 5 seconds.

4. When someone stands on one foot, sing the alphabet song.

5. When someone sings the alphabet song, say the two times tables (to 20).

6. When someone say the two times tables (to 20), crawl like a baby and count to 4.

7. When someone crawls like a baby and counts to 4, name the four oceans.

8. When someone names the four oceans, name a continent. 9. When someone names a continent, name your state bird.

10. When someone names your state bird, count to 20 by fours.

11. When someone counts to 20 by fours, name 3 large US cities.

12. When someone names 3 large US cities, spin around 5 times.

13. When someone spins around 5 times, count by five's to 100.

14. When someone counts by five's to 100, do 10 jumping jacks.

15. When someone does 10 jumping jacks, count to 20 by five's.

16. When someone counts to 20 by five's, name a northern state.

17. When someone names a northern state, spell November.

18. When someone spells November, say the answer to 9 times 9.

19. When someone says the answer to 9 times 9, name five words that start with 'c'.

20. When someone names 5 words that start with 'c', name a country in Europe.

21. When someone name a country in Europe, name a president.

22. When someone names a president, name two explorers.

23. When someone names two explorers, count to fifty by five's.

24. When someone counts to fifty by five's, name a classmate.

25. When someone names a classmate, say the vowels.

26. When someone say the vowels, name 5 consonants.

27. When someone names 5 consonants, do a little dance.

28. When someone does a little dance, spell geography.

29. When someone spells geography, count to 30 by threes.

30. When someone counts to 30 by threes, jump up and down. 31. When someone jumps up and down, tell what time it is.

32. When someone tells the time, say the capital of Texas.

33. When someone say the capital of Texas, name an instrument.

34. When someone names an instrument, say your teacher's name.

35. When someone says your teacher's name, say good morning.