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Following Directions 15


Materials: One set of 35 cards each of which has one direction on it. The direction on each card interlocks with the other cards so that the holder of any card must wait for a cue from other players actions before he can carry out his directions.

Procedure: (These directions should be adapted by the teacher to fit the size group being taught. If less than a full deck is used the teacher should observe the sequential order found in the deck.) All cards used are to be passed out. The teacher then says the word, "begin". The directions on the cards will then dictate how the game progresses. Directions should be completed in the following order:

1. When the teacher says "Begin," stand up and say "Good Morning."

2. When someone says "Good Morning," Clap your hands twice.

3. When someone claps his hands twice, write your name on the chalkboard.

4. When someone writes a name on the chalkboard, stand up and turn around three times and sit down.

S. When someone stands up, turns around three times and sits down, snap your fingers twice.

6. When someone snaps his fingers twice sharpen your pencil.

7. When someone sharpens his pencil, erase the name on the board.

8. When someone erases the name on the board, turn off the lights.

9. When someone turns off the lights, say "Its dark in here."

10. When someone says, "It's dark in here," turn the lights on.

11. When someone turns the lights on, stand up and say, "What time is it?"

12. When someone says, "What time is it?" say, "Who cares?"

13. When someone says, "Who cares?" go to the board and write the numbers 1 through 10.

14. When someone writes the numbers 1 through 10 on the board, skip to the teacher's desk and back to your seat. 15. When someone skips to the teacher's desk and back, go to the teacher and shake hands.

16. When someone shakes hands with the teacher, stand and count backwards from 5 to 1.

17. When someone counts backwards from 5 to 1, say, "Blast off!"

18. When someone says, "Blast off!" wave your arm and say, "Oo,oo,oo".

19. When someone waves his arm and says, "Oo, oo, oo," erase numbers 1 through 5 from the board.

20. When someone erases numbers 1 through 5 on the board, jump up and down beside your seat.

21. When someone jumps up and down, say, "Stop that!"

22. When someone says, "Stop that!" erase numbers 6 through 10 from the board.

23. When someone has erased numbers 6 through 10 from the board, print STALLING on the board.

24. When someone prints STALLING on the board, stand and hold both arms straight above your head.

25. When someone stands and holds his arms above his head, print WDONEY under STALLING on the board.

26. When someone prints WDONEY on the board, stand and crow like a rooster.

27. When someone crows like a rooster, say, "You're chicken."

28. When someone says, "You're chicken," erase the letters S T from the board.

29. When someone erases the letters S T from the board, go to the teacher and bow.

30. When someone bows to the teacher, bark like a dog.

31. When someone barks like a dog, erase the letters W and Y from the board.

32. When someone erases the letters W and Y from the board, stand and put both hands on your head.

33. When someone stands and puts both hands on his head, say, "Sit down!"

34. When someone says, "Sit down!" erase the I N G from the board.

35. When someone erases the I N G from the board, read aloud what is left on the board.