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Following Directions 5


1. When the teacher says, "LET'S BEGIN," you stand up and say: "ALL RIGHTIE, THEN!"

2. When someone says, "ALL RIGHTIE, THEN," you slap your desk with your hands and say "LET'S DO IT."

3. When someone says, "LET'S DO IT," get up and close the door.

4. When someone closes the door, go to the chalkboard and print WELCOME on the chalkboard. (big letters so the class can see)

5. When someone prints WELCOME on the chalkboard, wad up a piece of paper and throw it in the trash can.

6. When someone throws a piece of paper in the trash, stand up and say "AIR BALL!!!"

7. When someone says, "AIR BALL!!!," stand up, whistle (or clap your hands) and say "THIS IS NOT P.E. CLASS!"

8. When someone says, "THIS IS NOT P.E. CLASS," stand up, put your hands on your hips and say, "YOU'RE RIGHT!"

9. When someone says, "YOU'RE RIGHT!," stand by your desk and jump up and down five times.

10. When someone jumps up and down five times, say: "THIS IS NOT THE PLAYGROUND."

11. When someone says: "THIS IS NOT THE PLAYGROUND." stand up and say, "WELL, WHAT CLASS IS THIS?"

12. When someone says, "WELL, WHAT CLASS IS THIS?" say, "READING CLASS."

13. When someone says "READING CLASS," walk to the teacher's podium, face the class and say (in a teacher voice) "REMEMBER, READING IS THE WAY TO GROW." (remain at the podium until someone tells you to sit down)

14. When someone says, "REMEMBER, READING IS THE WAY TO GROW," stand up and say, " I CAN WORK FAST AND GOOD."

15. When someone says, "I CAN WORK FAST AND GOOD," go to the chalkboard and PRINT the word DONKEYS on the chalkboard (under the word WELCOME).

16. When someone prints "DONKEYS" on the chalkboard, stand up and say (in a loud, excited voice) "The donkeys are coming, the donkeys are coming!"

17. When someone says, "THE DONKEYS ARE COMING!" say (in a principal's voice) "STUDENTS, WE DO NOT ALLOW SUCH LARGE ANIMALS IN THIS SCHOOL."

18. When someone says, "STUDENTS WE DO NOT ALLOW SUCH LARGE ANIMALS IN THIS SCHOOL," stand up and clap your hands seven times.

19. When someone claps their hands seven times, stand up and say, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

20. When someone says, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" stand up and take a bow.

21. When someone takes says, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" and takes a bow, YOU STAND UP, SCRATCH YOUR HEAD and SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS, then sit down.

22. When someone scratches their head and shrugs their shoulders, walk backwards around your row or group three times, saying: "THIS IS REALLY WEIRD."

23. When someone says, "THIS IS REALLY WEIRD!" stand by your desk and shout "YIPPEE YAHOO!"

24. When someone shouts, "YIPEE YAHOO!" walk sideways to the chalkboard and erase the letters "C-O-M-E" from the word "WELCOME."

25. When someone erases the letters "C-0-M-E" from the chalkboard, stand up, shake your finger at the class and say, "THAT MAKES NO SENSE."

26. When someone says: "THAT MAKES NO SENSE," stand up, put your hands on your head and say, "YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT."

27. When someone says: YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT," stand up and say: "THE STUDENT AT THE PODIUM MAY NOW SIT DOWN."

28. When someone says: "THE STUDENT AT THE PODIUM MAN NOW SIT DOWN," skip to the chalkboard and erase the letter "K" from the word "DONKEYS."

29. When someone erases the letter "K" from the word "DONKEYS," put your head on your desk and say, "THIS IS VERY, VERY STRANGE."

30. When someone says: "THIS IS VERY, VERY STRANGE," skip to the chalkboard and erase the "Y" from the word "DONKEYS."

31. When someone erases the "Y" from the word "DONKEYS", get up and open the classroom door.

32. When someone opens the classroom door, hop to the chalkboard and add the letter "L" to "WEL...." to make the word "WELL."

33. When someone writes the letter "L" on the board, snap your fingers and say, "OH, I KNOW WHAT TO DO."

34. When someone says, "OH, I KNOW WHAT TO DO," jog to the chalkboard and erase the letter "S."

35. When someone erases the lette "S," stand up and tell the class, "LET'S GIVE OURSELVES A PAT ON THE BACK FOR A JOB..........."

36. When someone says: "LET'S GIVE OUR SELVES A PAT ON THE BACK FOR A JOB........" stand up and read what is left on the board.