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Following Directions 6


1. When the teacher says “Give me five”, go to the front of the room and do five jumping jacks.

2. When someone does jumping jacks go sit in the teacher’s chair.

3. When someone sits in the teacher’s chair, draw a box on the chalkboard.

4. When someone draws a box on the board, say “Good Afternoon”.

5. When someone says “Good afternoon” raise your hand.

6. When someone raises their hand, go get a book off the shelf.

7. When someone gets a book off the shelf, say “Thief, thief, thief!”

8. When someone says “Thief, Thief, Thief,” make a noise like a siren.

9. When someone makes a noise like a siren, Get the book and put it back on the shelf.

10. When someone puts the book back, go sit on the bean bag.” 11. When someone sits on the bean bag, stand and say “If you aren’t reading, you can’t use the beanbag.

12. When someone says “If you aren’t reading, you can’t use the beanbag”, crawl under the table.

13.When someone crawls under the table, stand and say the first line of the Pledge to the flag.

14. When someone says the first line to the Pledge to the flag, pretend to sneeze three times. Achoo, Achoo, Achoo.

15. Whe someone sneezes three times, say “God bless you.”

16. When someone says “God bless you”, go to the front of the room and say “I’m the teacher, you have ten pages of homework tonight.”

17. When some says “I’m the teacher”, say “You are not” and wave at the teacher.

18. When someone says “You are not and waves at the teacher, write Boo in the box on the chalkboard.

19. When someone writes Boo on the chalkboard, stand up and touch your toes.

20. When someone stands up and touches their toes, erase the box and Boo from the board.

21. When someone erases the box and Boo from the board, stand up and shout “Oh no!”

22. When someone says “Oh, no.” open and shut the door.

23. When someone opens and shuts the door, lay down on the floor and play dead.

24. When someone lays down on the floor and plays dead, say “Verbs are action words.” and jump up and down three times.

25. When someone says “Verbs are action words” and jumps up and down three times, go the person in the teacher’s chair and say “Get in your own seat.”

26. When someone tells the person in the teacher’s chair to go to their own seat, “Say Go Eagles, Go”.

27. When someone says “Go, Eagles, Go”, clap your hands three times.

28. When claps their hands three times, scratch your head and say “This is fun”

29. When someone scratches their head and says “This is fun.”, say “The game”

30. When someone says “The game”, say “is over.”