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Following Directions 8


1. When the teacher says, "Good morning Class", shut the door.

2. When some one shuts the door, ask every one to stand and say the pledge.

3. After every one has said the pledge, stand and say the first 12 letters of the alphabet.

4. After someone has said the 12 letters of the alphabet , write the word letter backwards on the chalkboard.

5. When someone writes the word letter backwards on the board say, "That isn't right!" and go to the board and erase it.

6. When someone erases the backwards word letter, go to the board and write it correctly.

7. When the word letter is written on the board correctly, say, "I think we should send one to Santa Claus."

8. When someone says they should send a letter to Santa Claus, stand up and say.."I object!"

9. When someone says "I object!" say "We need a judge."

10. When someone says "We need a judge" say, "I will be a judge!"

11. When someone says, "I will be a judge", tell them the hearing will be later.

12. When you hear "the hearing will be later..." say "the telephone will ring in 10 seconds."

13. After 10 seconds is up... answer the phone and say "speaking..."

14. When someone answers the phone and says "speaking," tell them "thank you" and to sit down the same time you do.

15. When two people sit down, go to the front of the room and tell the class you will be the teacher and to listen carefully Ask.. "who has the answer to 7X7?"

16. I am 49, 7 X 7... "who has the answer to 12-5?"

17. I am 7, 12-5, ..."who has the answer to 12 X 2?"

18. I am 24 or 12 X 2... "who has the answer to 3 X 5?"

19. I am 15, or 3 X 5, "who has the capital of North Dakota?"

20. I am Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, "who has the capital of South Dakota?"

21. I am Pierre, the capital of South Dakota, who is capital of Kansas?

22. I am Topeka the capital of Kansas, what state would I find Austin in?

23. I am Texas where you would find Austin, who is a top crop of the Midwest states?

24. I am wheat, a top crop of the Midwest states.. who is 3 products >made from wheat?

25. I am flour, cereal and crackers which is made from wheat...who is a top product in the south?

26. I am cotton, a top product in the south, who is 24 divided by 2?

27. I am 12, 24 divided by 2... who is the product the great lakes >region manufactures by using steel?

28. I am automobiles, I am the product that the great lakes region >manufactures.. who is 14 plus 10 plus minus 4?

29. I am 20, 24 minus 10, who is 100 X 10? >30. I am 100 X 10 or 1000 and this could be the end!!

31. When someone says it could be the end.. tell the person who said they are the teacher to sit down.. and sit down at the same time.

32. When the student teacher sits down, stand up and say.. "what is going on?"

33. When some one says "what is going on".. say, "sit down and then we will find out."

34. When someone says.. "sit down and then we will find out"... say "what will we find out... "

35. When some one says, "what will we find out".. say .. "this is the end of the listening exercise!!"