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Following Directions 9


1. When the teacher says “Begin,” stand up and say, “Let’s get going!”

2. When someone says, “Let’s get going,” stand up and say 3 adjectives for a MONSTER.

3. When someone says 3 adjectives for a monster, stand up and say, “Oooh, I’m scared!”

4. When someone says “Oooh, I’m scared!,” stand up and growl loudly.

5. When someone growls loudly, stand up and say 2 nouns that you see in the classroom.

6. When someone says 2 nouns they see in the classroom, act out a verb.

7. When someone acts out a verb, say, “Gee, that was really good!”

8. When someone says, “Gee, that was really good!”, stand up and say, “No, it was mediocre.”

9. When someone says, “No, it was mediocre,” say, “What is that supposed to mean?”

10. When someone says, “What is that supposed to mean?”, stand and say, “Look it up in the dictionary!”

11. When someone says, “Look it up in the dictionary,” stand and say, “Look IT up in the don’t know what IT means?”

12. When someone says, “you don’t know what IT means?,” stand and say, “Of course I know what IT is a pronoun.

13. When someone says, “It is a pronoun,” stand and say 3 more pronouns.

14. When someone says 3 more pronouns, stand and say 3 proper nouns.

15. When someone says 3 proper nouns, stand and say, “Don’t mix up pronouns and proper nouns!”

16. When someone says, “Don’t mix up pronouns and proper nouns,” stand and say, “Thank you, your highness.”

17. When someone says, “Thank you, your highness,” stand up on your chair and say, “I’m the highness!”

18. When someone stands on their chair and says, “I’m the highness,” stand and say, “You mean highest. High, higher, highest.”

19. When someone says, “High, higher, highest,” stand and say, “Yes, it’s a superlative.”

20. When someone says, “Yes, it’s a superlative,” stand and say, “It’s a superla-what?” 21. When someone says, “It’s a superla-what?”, stand and sing the first line of Supercalifragilistic.”

22. When someone sings “Supercalifragilistic,” lean your head back and howl like a dog.

23. When someone howls like a dog, stand up and say, “Bad dog! Bad dog!”

24. When someone says, “Bad dog! Bad dog!,” stand up and baa like a lamb.

25. When someone baas like a lamb, stand up and say, “Why is that lamb in here?”

26. When someone says, “Why is that lamb in here?”, stand up and say, “It followed me to school today.”

27. When someone says, “It followed me to school today.”, stand up and say, “You know that’s against the rule.”

28. When someone says, “You know that’s against the rule,” stand up and say one of the rules to help remember there/their/ or they’re.

29. When someone says one of the rules for remembering their/there/they’re, stand up and say another one of the 3 rules.

30. When someone says another one of the 3 rules for remembering their/there/they’re, stand up and say, “And we all remember the last rule, right?”

31. When someone says, “And we all remember the last rule, right?” stand up and say, “I used to know it, but now I forgot.”

32. When someone says, “I used to know it, but now I forgot,” drum on your desk for 10 seconds.

33. When someone drums on their desk for 10 seconds, say, “Please keep your hands still.”

34. When someone says, “Please keep your hands still,” stand up and wave your arms crazily.

35. When someone waves their arms crazily, stand and say,”I can’t take this anymore!”

36. When someone says, “I can’t take this anymore!” stand up and say, “Then it’s a good thing that this game is over!”