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Following Directions - Mythology


I am pleased to offer the following LONG (60 cards) entry, courtesy of Barb M. She already had this one in her files; I had about 10 directions written, so this saved me time. Denise


In this lesson, students will test their knowledge of mythological characters met during their independent or class readings on Greek and Roman mythology.

MATERIALS: a deck of I Have/Who Has cards listed at the end of this file.


1.Distribute the 60 mythology cards to all the students in the class individually. All cards must be given out even if this results in uneven distribution. The teacher may choose to take the extra cards if their are only a few.

2.Play can begin with any card, but the question on the bottom must be asked first. This is because the answer on the top of this card signals the end of the game. The teacher may take a card and use hers as the beginning and end of the game for simplicity.

3.The game begins with a question such as "Who has the sun god?" Another player whose card says "Apollo" calls out this information by saying, "I have Apollo." The student immediately calls out the question on the bottom of that same card and the game continues.

4.If a player does not know the answer the teacher gives hints or clues until play resumes.

5.The first playing of the game is usually slow and strained because the rules are unfamiliar. It is important to redistribute the cards and play again. Play proceeds much more smoothly the second time around and each time the game is played visual and auditory memory is stimulated. The class tries to beat their own time record and then challenge other classes.

Variation: Give a small set of cards to each group of 2 or 3 students so that they may bolster each others knowledge or confidence against the other groups.

I HAVE/ WHO HAS? THE CARDS I have the oracle. Who has the goddess of love and beauty?

I have Aphrodite/Venus. Who has the goddess of wisdom and war?

I have Minerva/Athena. Who has the god of the underworld?

I have Pluto/Hades. Who has the daughter of Ceres? She is in charge of flowers.

I have Persephone/Proserpina. Who has the name of the three sisters, one of whom was Medusa.

I have the Gorgons. Who has the creature who was half man and half horse. He was known to cause trouble.

I have the Centaur. Who has the son of Apollo?

I have Phaeton. Who has the inventor of the labyrinth and the father of Icarus?

I have Daedalus. Who has the lovely horse with the horn in its forehead?

I have the Unicorn. Who has the mortal condemned to stand in water but never be able to drink?

I have Tantalus. Who has the titan who gave fire to man? I have Prometheus.

Who has the wood nymph who repeats your last few words?

I have Echo. Who has the god of love who is the son of Venus?

I have Cupid/Eros. Who has the god whose name means thunder? A dinosaur was named after him.

I have Brontes. Who has the goddess of the fields?

I have Demeter/Ceres. Who has the mortal who slew Medusa?

I have Perseus. Who has the goddess of victory?

I have Victoria/Nike. Who has the goddess whose name means earth mother?

I have Terra/Gaea. Who has the Cyclops whose eye was put out by Ulysses?

I have Polyphemus. Who has the god of sleep?

I have Somnus/Morpheus. Who has the builders of Mt. Olympus?

I have the Cyclops. Who has the god of new beginnings?

I have Janus. Who has the goddess of rainbows?

I have Iris. Who has the goddess of the dawn?

I have Aurora/Eos. Who has the god of youth?

I have Juventas/Hebe. Who has the mortal who slew the Minotaur?

I have Theseus. Who has the god of wine?

I have Dionysus/Bacchus. Who has the woman who opened a forbidden box? She let out all the troubles of the world.

I have Pandora. Who has the ferryman of the River Styx?

I have Charon the Ferryman. Who has the queen of the gods?

I have Hera/Juno. Who has the goddess of the hunt?

I have Diana/Artemis. Who has the god of war?

I have Ares/Mars. Who has the warrior with the vulnerable heel?

I have Achilles. Who has the creature whose eyes can turn you to stone?

I have Medusa. Who has the foolish mortal woman who challenged Minerva to a weaving contest?

I have Arachne. Who has the titan who carried the world on his shoulders?

I have Atlas. Who has the name of a woman whose name has come to be known as bad news coming?

I have Cassandra. Who has the mortal who was in love with himself?

I have Narcissus. Who has the creature who is half man/half bull? He lives in the labyrinth.

I have the Minotaur. Who has the mortal condemned to roll a rock up a hill forever?

I have Sisyphus. Who has the mighty strongman who completed 12 labors?

I have Heracles/Hercules. Who has the young mortal who flew too close to the sun after he escaped from the labyrinth?

I have Icarus. Who has the messenger god?

I have Mercury/Hermes Who has the sun god, also patron of medicine?

I have Apollo. Who has the god of fire and the forge?

I have Vulcan/Hephaestus. Who has the king of the gods?

I have Zeus/Jupiter. Who has the god of the sea?

I have Neptune/Poseidon. Who has the three headed dog who guards the gates of Hades?

I have Cerberus. Who has the winged horse?

I have Pegasus. Who has the group name for the first generation of gods?

I have the Titans. Who has the fabulous beast with the head and wings of an eagle & the body of a lion.

I have the Griffin. Who has one of the creatures whose job is to punish man.

Head of a woman, talons of a bird I have the Harpy. Who has the goddess of the hearth?

I have Vesta. Who has the goddess of the moon?

I have Luna/Selene. Who has a fire-breathing she-monster whose had body parts of a lion, goat, and serpent?

I have the Chimera. Who has the water monster with 12 heads?

I have the Hydra. Who has the father of the Titans and Cyclops?

I have Uranus. Who has the winged creature who killed those who could not answer its question?

I have the Sphinx. Who has the name for the 9 daughters of Zeus each in charge of a different art or science?

I have the Muses. Who has the vocabulary word that means soothsayer?