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Following Directions -

Reading Test


I have a couple more like this in my computer files, so write me if you're interested, but this is my favorite. Barb M.

How Well Do You Follow Directions? Read this whole paper first, then follow the directions given. (Your teacher will be watching you and making notes of what you do, so read carefully.)

1. Write your name on the upper right corner.

2. Put the date in the upper left corner.

3. Write your age: ___________

4. Write the name of the president of the United States: _____________________

5. Call the name of a friend, wave to them, and say hello.

6. Stand up and shake someone's hand.

7. Get two others to tell you their favorite colors. Write their favorite colors here: ______________ and ______________

8. Run once around all the desks in class yelling, “We are the best class in school!”

9. Find three others and play “Ring Around the Rosy.”

10. Put your left shoe on your desk and leave it there.

11. Give a high five to four different people.

12. Tell two others your middle name. If you don't have one, tell them that.

13. Add 237, 4985, 867 and 5689 and write the answer here: __________

14. After you do number

13, yell, “I found the answer!”

15. Write the name of your favorite food: ___________. Find someone in class who also has that as a favorite food and write their name here: ________________

16. Sit down and stand up 10 times as fast as you can. Note the number of seconds it takes by looking at the clock. Record the number of seconds here: _________

17. Print the name of the planet on which you live: ___________

18. Look at the person on your right and tell them something you like about them.

19. Draw one red circle and two blue triangles on the bottom of this page.

20. Don't follow these instructions. Do only #1 and #2, turn your paper in, then sit quietly at your desk doing your homework or reading.