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Format for speech program


Submitted by: Bob Leslie  

Here is the format that I used when I did Bob's Dinner Theatre.

I built a 4 x 4 stage and placed in the back left corner of my classroom.  I decorated the two side walls behind the platform. I placed a portable PA system in a chair downstage left.  I had students turn their seats toward the stage.  They were allowed to place a towel over their desk and eat-that's the dinner part. (Surprisingly, not many brought food all the time.  There has always been one in each bunch who did.) I rotated the MC each time.  In fact, all parts of the program rotated.  No one was allowed to be in a part twice-except for the commercials and entertainment-dance/singing.  Not everyone wants to do those parts and I never forced them.  In fact, if a student refused to participate in front of the class, they received 50% on their grade provided they completed the assignment on paper.  Each week I chose a different type of speech assignment-narrative, description, letter to someone, epitaph, etc.

Topics for discussions varied with moderator.  I just approved them ahead of time.  Any student telling another to shut up or who insulted another student was asked to stop and sit down.  This happened once or twice but soon stopped. 

Here is the outline format that I used.


Bob's Dinner Theatre No.


     Program Chairperson:

      Introduction of guests

     Quiz(optional-PC made this part):    5 minutes

     Time Keeper:

     Introduction of First Speaker:  1 min.

     First Speaker:  (Narrative or whatever) 3-5 mins.

     Commercial No. 1     1 min.

     Introduction of Second Speaker:  1  min.

     Second Speaker:  (Autobiography)   3-5 mins.

     Commercial No. 2   1 min.

     Discussion Leader (one person asks class questions)  5 to 10 min

     Introduction of Third Speaker:   1 min.

     Third Speaker:  (Poetry Reading/Analysis)  3-5 mins.

     Commercial No. 3  1 min.

     Panel(group) Discussion(different form of groups)Moderator: 10 min

        Moderator prepares 10 questions to ask group and lets each

        have a turn at answering.

        Participants (only these can participate)




        4 (you can have fewer or more)

      General Critic:  1 - 3 minutes (positive criticism)

      Entertainment (Here because of difficulty refocusing)

      Closing Remarks

         Program Chairperson