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Friday English Week Twenty-Seven


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 27

Description of You

Contributed by Dana Gar

Include your name and its pronunciation
Show 3 parts of speech, 2 of each:


 Noun things you are
Verbs things you do
Adjectives words or phrases which describe you

Noun:  female, wife, mother, sister , daughter, niece, cousin, teacher, nurse, reader
Verb:  read, write, talk, explain, walk, sing,  cook, help, eat, travel, listen to music 
Adjective:  curious, loquacious, patient, hefty, tall, blue-eyed, gray-haired, fast talking 

Write your definition description  on a 5 X 8 index card.  Please use your best writing.