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Friday English Week Twenty-Eight


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 28

Fractions and Hershey's Kisses

Contributed by Ellen Anderson

        In your math classes you have been studying fractions. Often students say. "so when will I ever use this stuff?"  This week I'd like you to answer the question by interviewing an adult.   Do not wait until Thursday night to interview, as he or she may be busy.   Look at the second sheet for a suggested time line.   After the interview, please thank the person you interviewed and give them Hershey's kiss.  I gave you one.

        On the lines below, write what the adult you interviewed has to say about fractions.  You may ask any questions about fractions that interest  you.   If you are not sure how to get started, you might want to ask the following questions to get the person talking since you'll need the information for your support.
        When do you use fractions in your work?  Explain
        Do you use fractions at home?    How?
        Why do you think I should understand fractions?
        Do you use all the mathematical operations, adding,  subtraction, multiplication, and division? Explain

Name the person you are interviewing_____________________________________________________
Ask the person to sign here:__________________________________________________________
Did you get a Hershey’s Kiss?______________________


        Now you have the information you need.  The next step is to plan your paragraph.... do this below.  Don't
write sentences.    Just ideas.
Topic sentence    (idea and feeling)________________________________________________________
Support one_____________________________________________________
Support two_____________________________________________________
Support three____________________________________________________
Support four_____________________________________________________
Clincher ending...(goes back to the topic and restates)________________________________________________________

        Write your sloppy/first copy on white lined paper.  In this assignment I'm looking for sentences that fully explain and give lots and lots and lots of details! This paragraph should NOT read like a mathematical equation.

        Suggested time line:
Sat/Sun: interview adult and write their answers, give a Hershey's kiss, and say thank you.
Monday: complete planning paragraph outline
Tuesday: go back to the adult and ask questions about what you did not understand from the interview
Wednesday: write first draft/sloppy copy
Thursday: reread sloppy copy  and make changes.  Read the evaluation below.  Go back to first draft and add details
Friday: hand in assignment

95    paragraph explains the adult's use of fractions,  full paragraph includes many interesting details, few if any grammatical errors

85   paragraph somewhat explains the adult's use of fractions, paragraph includes some interesting details, some,  three,  grammatical  errors

75    paragraph   doesn't explain the adult's use of fractions very well,  paragraph includes few or no interesting details, over three grammatical errors