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Friday English Week Twenty-Nine


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 29

My Favorite Outfit

Contributed by Therese  Durham

        For English this week you are to think of several outfits that you enjoy wearing. Think about the top, bottom, and any special  accessories (shoes jewelry, hat etc) that you like to wear with it.   Write 3 possible combinations on the lines below.




        Now choose one of the outfits to describe in great detail.  Include specific color words such as chocolate brown, ermine white, slate gray, and orange  tangerine. Include at least one (but not more than 3) similes.    For example :   The gold button is as shiny as a  lighthouse beacon.

        Remember, you are not explaining why it is your favorite, but you are focusing on DESCRIBING it so that any one who hears your description could draw a picture of it.

1. Topic sentence
2.  At least 3 supporting details
3.  Exact color words
4. At least 1 simile
5.  Conclusion