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Friday English Week Thirty-One


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 31

The Name Game

Contributed by Karen Ehman 

       What is in a name?   This week you will write a paragraph about
names.  Before you began to write, think about these questions about names. Even better, discuss them with some one.

        Who chose your name?
        How did he/she/they decide on your name?
         Is there an interesting story behind your name?
        Were you named for someone in the family?
        Was it chosen before you were born or after someone saw you?
        Do you like your name?
        What name would you prefer?   Why?
        Does your first name fit well with your middle name/and or last name?
        If you ever become a celebrity, will you change your name?  Why/why not?
        Do you know anyone with a really unusual name?   What makes it so unique?

Narrow the topic and write your paragraph.  You've just played the name game!

___________Have you used capital letters in the title?
___________Did you indent the paragraph?
___________Have you included your name, date and heading?
___________Is your paragraph interesting?
___________Does each sentence in the paragraph start with a different word?

Signature of person checking your first draft______________________________.