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Friday English Week Thirty-Two


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 32

You Are Going to be an Inventor!

Contributed by April Pinion

        This week for English you will have a chance to show me your very creative side.  You are going to be an inventor!

        An inventor is someone who comes up with a new product,  device, or idea that helps accomplish a task or makes something easier to do.   Some  inventions have been very practical and helped  all of us (the elevator, the zipper, and the ink pen)  while others have benefited only a few. (eye glasses for chickens, mustache clips to keep the mustache out of your soup).

        Think of an invention that would make your life easier.  In your first paragraph, describe your invention.  In the second paragraph, tell me you invention will make life easier for you.   Be sure and tie the two paragraphs together.   For extra credit, you may make a drawing of your invention and attach it to your writing.

1.  Have a title, date and heading
2. Indent
3. Good, legible handwriting
4. A clean, neat final copy
5. a rough draft showing corrections
6. Two paragraphs
7. Signature of the person who checked your rough draft for spelling errors.