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Friday English Week Thirty-Three


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 33

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He wrote over 40 children's books, and
in his honor, March 2 has been designated Read Across America Day. Therefore, this week's paragraph should be something to do with the topic of reading.

Brainstorm 12 important reasons why reading is important.  Do your brainstorming on the back of this piece of paper.  It would be helpful to write a list first, and then organize your ideas using a web or mind map.

Look through your brainstorming list.  What does it show about how you feel about reading? Write a paragraph that would inform others of the importance of reading.

Remember !!
1) A good topic sentence   (Top bun of the hamburger)
2) Several sentences that support the topic.( hamburger and the works inside)
3) A  concluding sentence to pull the paragraph together (the bottom bun of the hamburger)
4) Name, date, title,  heading
5)  A clean, tidy, well written, unwrinkled final copy.

______________1. Name on your paper?
______________2. Did you indent?
______________3. Did you work on getting everything spelled correctly?
______________4. Include a title
______________5. Use 5-6 sentences (including topic and concluding sentences)
______________6. Signature of person who checked your rough draft.

Check yourself:
_______________1. I took plenty of time to think.
_______________2.  I wrote one copy on scratch paper and reworked it.