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Friday English Week Thirty-Four


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 34

Habitat/Creature Writing

Contributed by Marcia Vorlicky

        After a discussion (in science) and a unit about animals, their habitats, protection devices etc..., this is the culminating writing activity.

Step One:  Fold a piece of paper 8 X 11 construction paper in a hamburger fold.
        Child #1 draws the head and neck of a creature.
        Child #2 draws without looking, the body of a creature.
        Child #3 is the proud winner of the creature and will write about it.   The child will also name his/her creature and determine its species.

Step Two:  Using another piece of 8 X 11 construction paper each child will create a habitat for their creature keeping in mind the following things. All creatures need water, space, food, shelter and air. These must be showing in the drawing.   The drawing must be neat, completely colored in colored pencil or crayons.  Markers may only be used to outline.

Step Three     The  Writing
        Today we will be using the picture of your creature and your habitat drawing to write a well written paper that will be four paragraphs long.   It will include the following descriptions,  How did your creature get its name? Describe its appearance.,  How does it protect itself?  Describe its habitat.

Once your writing is complete, be sure to check for the following:

_______________Is there a title?
_______________Did you indent?
_______________Are all your words spelled correctly?
_______________Is y our grammar correct?
_______________Is your punctuation correct?
_______________Is there an interesting beginning sentence?
_______________Is there an interesting ending sentence?
_______________Did you include lots of description?
_______________Does it make sense?