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Friday English Week Thirty-Five


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 35

Pumpkin Contest

Contributed by Lynda Reid

To be given several days before Halloween

        For this weeks English,  you are to write about a plan you might make,  think about the following situation:
        You have won third prize in a national contest and your prize is a tractor-trailer load of whole pumpkins.   These are delivered to you 5 days before Halloween, and are just dumped onto your lawn, covering the entire front yard!

        Are you happy you have won the contest?
        Are you pleased with your prize?
        What plan will you make to get rid of those pumpkins?

        Now, after having thought about some of the above questions, write a good paragraph, explaining the situation and telling what you plan to do.   You do not have to include all the answers to the above questions.

1)   Good topic sentence
2)   Three or four supporting sentences
3)   A good concluding sentence
4)   Your name, date and headings
5)   A title
6)   No spelling errors
7)   Signature of the person who checked your rough draft.