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Friday English Week Thirty-Six


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 36

The Day It Rained Chocolate Pudding

Contributed by Barb  Martin    

    Pretend that you woke up this morning and heard rain outside, hitting your windows, pounding on the roof. It is still dark out, so it takes you a minute to notice that the "rain" coming down is a funny dark color. You can't tell what it is, so you quietly make your way to the outside door, open it and smell---chocolate! You step out the door and slowly put a hand into the stuff. It is chocolate! Chocolate pudding is raining out of the sky!

        What will you do? Who will you tell? What will happen when you meet your friends? Make a list of all the possibilities you can think of, then choose your best ideas to write your story.

Editing Checklist:

_____ 1. Title on the top line, then skip a line before the first paragraph
_____ 2. Indent the first word of the paragraph.
_____ 3. A good topic sentence.
_____ 4. At least 4 sentences in the body of your paragraph
_____ 5. A concluding sentence to pull the paragraph together.
_____ 6. Correct spelling and punctuation
_____ 7. Rough draft, final draft, this paper signed
_____ 8. Have margins on the left and right side of your paper.
_____ 9. Be sure you have your name and date on all your papers
_____ 10. A clean, tidy, well-written, unwrinkled final copy done in cursive.

Chocolate Ideas

Bake chocolate zucchini muffins....  or cake!      Will post the muffins through the recipe list.... if you are not on it... and wannabe... let me know.
Pick up some instant choc  pudding and create a finger painting
Have them  create their own candy bar and wrapper
Have a taste contest with miniature candy bars
Serve Chocolate Sundays !
Visit the Hershey's Website