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Friday English Week Eight


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 8


**For my students who don't celebrate holidays, I had them do this one as Dinner Guest, instead of Thanksgiving Guest.

Thanksgiving Guest

This week's English assignment has two parts. They are to be handed in on two separate pages. You have just been told that you may invite anyone in the world to your house as your guest for Thanksgiving dinner. For the first part of the assignment, write a paragraph about your guest. Who will you invite? Why have you chosen this particular guest? Try to write a creative, interesting paragraph which has a good topic sentence to get my interest and attention.

Now, for part two, write the letter inviting your guest. Be sure your letter is interesting enough to make the guest want to come. Why should he/she come? What do you plan to do to make it worth his/her time?

Use the correct form for a letter.


1.Do you have a paragraph on one paper and a letter on another?

2.Have you used a title for your paragraph?

3.Do you have your name, date, and heading?

4.Do you have an interesting topic sentence?

5.Did you remember to have your proofreader sign your paper?