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Friday English Week Eighteen


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 18


         For English this week you are to write 2 paragraphs about television. You will need a topic sentence  for each paragraph.  The first paragraph needs a lead-on sentence which will introduce the second paragraph.  The second paragraph needs a concluding sentence for the whole paper.

Ideas to consider:

How is television useful?

What are the drawbacks of television?

Are commercials effective?  Why?

Why are some programs more popular than others?

What would you want to know if a TV producer came to talk to you?

Do you  have any questions or knowledge about live broadcasts?

Does news coverage interest you? Why?

Perhaps you have some ideas for improvement for television or future uses for television.


Each paragraph needs a topic sentence and three or four supporting sentences. Push your brain!  Do some good thinking before handing your paper in!


Do not describe your favorite program!   Do have:

_________title date and heading


_________good handwriting

_________clean, wrinkle free paper for your final copy.

__________at least 2 paragraphs