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Friday English Week Eleven



Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.



Week 11

Good Deeds

    This week for English you are to do a good deed for someone, and write about it. Perhaps your deed will be one that relates to the holidays, or maybe it will be a deed that helps a member of your family or a neighbor at this busy time of the year.  Make a list of your ideas to hand in with the finished paragraph.

    Be sure to have a good topic sentence. Make your paragraph interesting.  Explain your deed, remembering to tell whom you are doing it for.  Try to develop a paragraph with at least five sentences.  You should also have a good concluding sentence.



____1. Do you have your list of ideas?

____2. Does your paper have your name, date, and subject?

____3. Does your paragraph have a title?

____4. Did you indent?

____5. Do you have at least five sentences in your paragraph?

____6. Did you keep to the topic?


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