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Friday English Week Fifteen


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 15

Three Wishes

         For language arts this week, you must decide on three wishes.  The first wish must be a thing;.  The second wish must be a happening. The third wish must be a place that you would like to visit.

         Wishing for more wishes or money are not allowed.  These wishes should tell the reader a little bit about you.  Think about them for a while and try to make them as interesting as possible.

         Your title will be   (your name) 's____________________Three Wishes

        Your topic sentence will name your three wishes, but don't explain them.

        The second sentence must begin with an -ing word.  It should explain a bit about the first wish.

        Your third sentence will start with the word "to" plus an action word. It should explain a bit about your second wish.

        The fourth sentence will start with a prepositional phrase.  It should explain a bit about your third wish.  Here are a few prepositions that you might want to use:  on, over, under, besides, if, of, under, with, without, from, at, near, by above.

        The last sentence will be a closing sentence beginning with a word such as : finally, certainly, surely, etc....


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