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Friday English Week Five



Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.



Week 5


For English this week you are to make a list of as many activities as you can think of that are connected with Halloween. Choose one of the activities. Make a list of all the words you can that describe that one activity. Using some of these words, describe the one Halloween activity you have chosen in a good paragraph.

Remember, a good paragraph will have a topic sentence which will catch the interest of the reader. It will often have from four to six sentences which support the topic sentence.

1. Do you have a title?

2. Did you indent?

3. Do you have a strong topic sentence?

4. Did you use capitals and periods where necessary?

5. Do you have your name, date, and heading?

6. Is your paragraph interesting? 

7. Have you made both lists?

8. Did you hand in your rough draft also?

9. Is your final copy on clean, white paper?

10. Has your final copy been signed by your proofreader?