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Friday English Week One


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 1

Favorite Relative

A paragraph is a group of sentences telling about a single idea or topic. The beginning sentence, or topic sentence, should get the paragraph started. It should tell something important about the subject of the paragraph. It should also make you interested in what will be discussed in the paragraph.

Write one paragraph about a relative. It can be a description of a favorite or not so favorite relative. Be sure to follow each of the steps below. Check off each one as you complete it. Your grade will be based on the successful completion of each step, with special attention to step 1.

____1. The first sentence of the paragraph must be a topic sentence. This sentence must express the paragraph topic or the central thought.

____2. The paragraph must be your work and original.

____3. Each sentence in the paragraph must stick to the topic and relate to the topic sentence.

____4. Indent the first word of the paragraph.

____5. Begin and end each sentence correctly. Make sure each word is correctly spelled.

____6. Proof-read the paragraph, then recopy it on a whole sheet of binder paper. Make sure you have the signature of the person who proofread your work.