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Friday English Week Six



Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.



Week 6


For this week's English, you are to write about popularity. Think about the following ideas

***Do you think someone has to be good-looking or pretty to be popular?

***Does popularity depend on your personality, looks, where you live, how much money your parents have, how good you are at sports, how smart you are in school, if you are kind, polite, honest, the freedom your parents give you?

***If you think popularity depends on your personality, explain why. What particular personality or character traits do you mean?

***Are some people popular at one time and not at another? Why?

*** What behaviors could you change or improve about yourself that would make you more popular?

Now, after having thought about some of the above questions, choose one topic about popularity and write a good paragraph about that topic. Do not try to include all the ideas from above in one paragraph.


1.A good topic sentence.

2.Three or four supporting sentences.

3.A good concluding sentence.

4.No spelling errors.

5.A title.

6.Your name, date, and heading.

7.Signature of person who checked your rough draft.