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Friday English Week Thirty


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 30

Taking Care of a Pet

Contributed by Laura Candler

     If you have ever helped take care of a family or classroom pet, you know that taking care of a pet is hard work. This week you will write about pet care.   First, think of one type of pet that requires a significant amount of care. Then brainstorm all the requirements and responsibilities that go along caring for that pet.

Type of Pet_______________________

        What must you do to help take care of this pet?   Brainstorm your ideas here!
Continue on the back of the paper if you need more room.   Consider daily chores as well as situations involving medical care or other special responsibilities.


        Now write a paragraph that explains the responsibilities associated with caring for the one type of pet you have named.  Do not try to write about caring for many different kinds of pets in this one paragraph.

Editing checklist
__________1.  Began with a strong topic sentence
__________2. Used specific details and examples to support your topic sentence
__________3.  The paragraph must be your work and original.
__________4.  Began and end each sentence correctly.