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Friday English Week Two



Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 2

Signs of Fall

For Language Arts this week, you are to spend some time sitting outside all alone. Be sure no one is around to disturb you. Listen carefully, smell deeply, touch objects, slowly look around you . . . look up, down, and to each side. Next, make a list of all the signs of Fall you can find on the back of this paper.

Now choose any one sign of Fall that you would like to write about. Describe the one sign you have chosen very carefully, so that I will have a vivid mental picture after reading your paper. Be sure to develop a strong topic sentence with three or four supporting sentences and a good concluding sentence.

Check yourself

____ 1. I took plenty of time to think.

____ 2. I wrote one copy on a scratch paper and reworked it.

____ 3. I used complete sentences.

____ 4. I began each sentence with a capital and ended with the correct punctuation.

____ 5. I copied my paper on good binder paper.

____ 6. I have handed in the scratch paper, the good copy, and the directions sheet.

____ 7. Signature of the person who checked your original copy for spelling.


Week 3

Being Treated Nicely

All of us like to have special nice things done of us. What types of action do you consider nice? What do you like to have people do for you? Do not use the word "nice" in your paragraph.

List ten ideas.











What do you do that's really nice? Do you have to think about your behavior? Or is it automatic? This week, you not only are to write a paragraph about something you consider to be nice, but you are to do something nice for at least 5 people. What will they be, and who will you choose? List your five good deeds on the bottom of your final copy.


____ 1. Name

____ 2. Indent

____ 3. Get spelling checked

____ 4. Have a title

____ 5. Use 5 to 6 sentences (including topic and concluding sentences)

____ 6. Signature of person who checked your rough draft for spelling.