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Ghost Story Word List


Submitted by Bob Leslie

chilling, chilly, haunted, house, spooky, bat, shipwreck, safe, bridge, torture, birds, scream, groans, thunder, lightning, rain, creaks, explosion, grab, oh!, spirits, tish!, horror, whispered, splashed, cemetery, lantern, atrocious, revolting, offensive, hideous, gruesome, ooh!, gee!, gosh!, shaking, ah!, stumble, horrible, horrid, disgrace, had, brat, imp, brute, worm, savage, hoodlum, hooligan, bloke, trip-tripped, slip, swamp, tree, betray, pack, conspire, trespass, ill, unholy, unearthly, rascal, disgust' crowed, harm, twinge, choke, stormy, windy, shutters, hollow, door, shelf, ghost (ghostly), boom, dazzle, flame, flash, flicker, glow, aglow, spark, creature, bony, chandelier, lighthouse, horror, boogie man, tenant, villager, household, group, neighbor, castle, mansion, shady, cell, cubby-hole, stable, gaze, lock, peer, uncanny, eerie, rattle, dagger, horror-stricken, cats, rats, uneasy, chicken-hearted, dangerous, voice, cry, shriek, scream, shout, yell, bark, snort, wail, bang, boom, clank, ring, doorbell, outcry, ghoulies, table, scary, funeral, private, vengeance, safe, maniac, plotting, parlor, hee hee!, nightmare, cold ashes, supernatural, victim, shabby, trance, trancelike, ominous, absorbed, clouds, drips, splashes, things, space, assemble, teller of fortunes, fortune cookie, fall, beast, bestial, odor, shock-shocking, outcast, devil, full moon, smother, cruel, cheerless, dreary, nauseous, aching, griping, pricking, ruffian, tricky, pseudo, crafty, faithful, prank, ugly, depraved, skeleton, flinch, dungeon, dagger, creaky, clock, bumped, melancholy, dismal, poor, tragic, wretched, cross, shame, cramp, cringe, heinous (abominable), pumpkin, slink, afraid, dearies, doomsday, hand of death, half-human, gray, howl, echoes, e-e-e-e-e, eeeeee!, mirror, witch’s brew, spider, snakes, puppy dog tails, batwings, vile, rusty (rustic), demon, graveyard, quiver, shudder, ha-ha-ha!, out of frustration, hyak-hyak-hyak!, dabblings, wrecked, stalked, dodge, beware, stampede, broomstick, persecution, labyrinth, confused mind, fantasies, the witching hour!