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Giving Directions

- in preparation for a demonstration speech


Submitted by: Judy

Objectives:  TLW recognize that directions do give information, and they use the established guidelines for giving, listening to, and following directions

Activator:  Think of a picture in your mind. (I need to have one directly in front of me.)  Without revealing the shape of your picture describe it to the class and have them draw in on a piece of paper.  Discuss the results.  How might the picture have turned out differently?  Which words gave good clues, which ones confused them?


Giving directions:  look directly at your listeners and speak clearly; tell what materials are needed; explain every step in its correct order, giving details so that your listeners can picture each step; use gestures, drawings or objects to help you; ask if there are any questions

Following directions:  look directly at the speaker and listen closely; show that you understand by nodding your head; picture each step in your mind; repeat the directions silently to yourself; ask the speaker to explain anything you don't understand.

Guided practice: you could use the peanut butter directions that were posted to Connection last year or something like  how to make a paper bag book cover for    one of their schoolbooks, or even a pinwheel with their pencils and folded paper.

Anything you choose will be fine.  Discuss the results and review the rubric.  The onus of responsibility isn't simply on the speaker but on the listener as well.

Group practice;  I have the students work in pairs choosing one of the following ideas:  explain how to make a French braid; using beads make a gecko string art figure; create a watercolor bookmark; how to make a tangram picture; how to draw a favorite pokemon character; how to find a word in the dictionary, etc...

With their partner, they take turns giving and following the directions. 

After the first round of exchanges I have one of the partners give directions and the other accomplish only what is asked -  this leads again to all the laughs of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich creation.

Assessment:  A "How To" presentation of their choice due in a few days time.