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Group Terms or Collections

From: MacIver, Angus. The New First Aid in English  (Glasgow: Robert Gibson, 1978)

(N.B. These are British English, there may be some vocabulary and spelling differences in American English)


an army of soldiers a litter of cubs
a band of musicians a litter of pups
a bench of bishops a nest of rabbits
a bench of magistrates a pack of rascals
a bevy of ladies a pack of wolves
a board of directors a party of friends
a brood of chickens a plague of insects
a building of rooks a plague of locusts
a choir of singers a school of whales
a class of scholars a shoal of herring
a company of actors a staff of servants
a covey of grouse a staff of teachers
a crew of sailors a swarm of bees
a drove of cattle a swarm of insects
a flock of birds a team of horses
a flock of sheep a team of oxen
a gaggle of geese a tribe of natives
a gang of labourers a troop of lions
a gang of thieves a troop of monkeys
a herd of buffaloes a troupe of dancers
a herd of cattle a troupe of minstrels
a horde of savages a team of players
a host of angels a stud of horses


a bale of cotton, wool a forest of trees
a batch of bread a hail of fire
a bouquet of flowers a hedge of bushes
a bunch of grapes a library of books
a bundle of rags a pack of cards
a chest of drawers a rope of pearls
a clump of trees a set of china, clubs, tools
a cluster of diamonds, stars a sheaf of corn
a clutch of eggs a stack of hay
a collection of pictures a string of beads
a crate of fruit a suit of clothes
a fleet of motor cars, ships a suite of furniture, rooms
a flight of aeroplanes, steps a tuft of grass


at a dance assembly
at a concert audience
in church congregation
in the street crowd, throng
in a riot mob
in a rowdy scene rabble
at a football match spectators

Harder Examples

a baren of mules a pride of lions
a bevy of quails a rag of colts
a cast of hawks a siege of herons
a cete of badgers a skulk of foxes
a clowder of cats a sloth of bears
a covert of coots a smuck of jellyfish
a down of hares a stand of plovers
a fall of woodcocks a string of horses
a field of runners a tribe of goats
a flight of doves a watch of nightingales
a flight of swallows a wisp of snipe
a gang of elks a budget of papers
a gathering of clans a caste of flower-pots
a herd of antelopes a crate of crockery
a herd of cranes a fusilade of shots
a host of sparrows a galaxy of stars
a kindle of kittens a group of islands
a labour of moles a bunch of bananas
a leap of leopards a nest of machine-guns
a muster of peacocks a peal of bells
a nest of mice a punnet of strawberries
a nide of pheasants a sheaf of arrows
a pace of asses a shock of wheat
a paddling of ducks a skein of silk
a posse of policemen a skein of wool
a truss of hay a coffle of slaves