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Haiku Art/Water color


Submitted by: Barbara D. Martin   


cup of water

box of watercolors and wide brush

white construction paper, 9Ē x 12Ē


1.  Dip the construction paper under the water, covering the front completely  with water, but wet   only the front.

2.  Dip your brush into the water, and put a wash of water on the water color(s) you want to use.  If  you wish to use more than one color, start with the lighter colors first.

3.  Paint the colors on your paper, adding water and colors as you like.  donít let the paper get too  dry--you want a wash--and donít go over and over the same spot--the paper will fall apart.

4.  Place the paper on a flat surface and let it dry.  While the paper is drying, make your Silhouette



white copy paper




black construction paper


1.  Draw a simple picture on the white paper with your pencil.  The outline of it should clearly be   recognizable, and should have to do with the haiku that you have written.

2.  When you are happy with your picture, staple it  about an inch away from the lines onto your   black construction paper.

3.  Carefully cut out your picture along the lines, making sure that the curves are even and smooth.

4.  When the water color paper is dry, glue the picture to it.




your teacher checked haiku


thin black marking pen

1.  Write your haiku down the way you want it on lined paper.

2.  Cut off the paper to the top of the first line of your haiku.

3.  Put the haiku where you want it on your paper and copy the first line of your haiku with    marking pen right above the words you have written on the lined paper.

4.  Cut off the first line of your poem, carefully put the haiku back on your water color, and copy   the second line.

5.  Repeat step 4 for the third line.

6.  Sign  your name under your haiku.

7.  Turn in your paper.